Taste of Japan Bike Tours is a travel agency and Japanese cycling tour operator with offices in Hawaii and Japan. With extensive experience in the travel and sports industries, Taste of Japan Bike Tours provides international cyclists visiting Japan with meaningful itineraries, efficient routes, and once-in-a-lifetime memories.

The concept of Taste of Japan Bike Tours is to enjoy both cycling and sightseeing at the same time. Currently, we offer a nine-day tour that crosses the islands of the Seto Inland Sea via the Shimanami Sea Route and explores western Japan in depth, as well as a foodie tour to the hot-spring resorts of Oita Prefecture. We are planning a variety of cycling tours in the future, so please visit our website for more details. Each tour comes with two cycling guides (including at least one certified bicycle mechanic), a support vehicle (SAG van), and a support driver. Click to see the features of our tours.

Our vision
As an international sports marketing and travel agency, we aim to convey the wonders of Japan to the world and to promote regional revitalization and mutual understanding through sports, culture, and tourism resources. Furthermore, by specializing in cycling tourism (cycling + tourism = inbound), we advocate a healthy and happy lifestyle for people all over the world through cycling and culture.
A-1 is the chief coordinator for Taste of Japan Bike Tours. After graduating from the University of California, San Diego, he worked for a Japanese travel agency and traveled all over the world as a tour conductor before moving to Hawaii, where he started a sports marketing company. Currently, he divides his time between Japan and Hawaii. He spends his leisure time in triathlons, cycling, and fishing.
Hisa is a professional cycling guide (JCGA Master Class) who is well versed in cycling routes throughout Japan. He is a qualified bike mechanic who owns and operates a bike shop. Hisa is an indispensable part of the tour who emphasizes safety first, attention to detail, and care for the guests. He is the CEO of RAIDAS.
Shige has a variety of experience, including a passion for cycling, extensive knowledge of event management, and enthusiasm for sharing the best of Japan, all of which make him the perfect crew to create the best cycling adventures possible.
Matchan (Mat)
Matchan is a cycling guide in Oita Prefecture, an EMT, and an excellent driver. He brings the spirit of Japanese hospitality gained from his years of experience in the hotel industry to Taste of Japan Bike Tours. Matchan is the CEO of Yabakei Cycling Tours in Oita.
Manuel (Manu) speaks English, Japanese, and German, having worked in Japan for several years after graduating from the University of London. He understands the Japanese mind better than the Japanese and is a genius at organizing successful interactions between people from different cultures and countries.
Yasuko is an experienced travel agent who knows Japan inside and out. She’s an intellectual foodie who knows a great deal about local cuisine in Japan and has a remarkable ability to find accommodations and transportation.
Contact us
Taste of Japan Bike Tours (Hawaii office) Travel Agency License #TAR6025
2222 Kalakaua Ave., Suite 702, Honolulu, HI 96815 USA c/o ABEE’INC
Taste of Japan Bike Tours (Tokyo office) Tour Operator License #20090
1-7-3 Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0013 c/o Samurai Sports Marketing LLC